Foldable Ping pong table !

My Passion Project Blog
By: Natalia Castillo

Name of students involved: Natalia Castillo, Maria Reyes, and Rut Cacique

Name of Project: Foldable Ping Pong Table

Project Description: For our passion project my group members and I agreed on creating our very own ping pong table! Working together as a team to make a ping pong table would solve the problem we had with kids nowadays overusing technology. Having a ping pong table at display would allow family members and friends to interact with each other and get some exercise. To make our ping pong table a little unique my group came up with the idea to spray paint a competitive motivational quote onto both halves of the table.
What did you work on?: When we received our materials I helped my team members measure and cut out our MDF board that would be used to make the ping pong table. We all worked as a team to paint the ping pong table and add second coatings. Meanwhile the paint dried (long time), we designed a stencil on illustrator so we could spray paint our quote. Once both halves were dried, we applied hinges so the table could fold. Lastly our table was done!
What lessons did you learn from failure? We didn’t really fail, but we learned that we need to plan things out better next time. Our table was heavier than expected so we couldn’t make it portable. We also improved our painting skills, and we learned that waiting to apply multiple coats is better than just dumping one thick coat of paint onto a surface and waiting for it to dry.
Where did you meet success and who might benefit most from what you’ve learned today? We successfully finished our table, it’s nicely painted and clean. We were successfully able to design our stencil on adobe illustrator and we got our quote spray painted on the ping pong table. I think that a lot of people will benefit from the things we learned today. We learned more about painting techniques and that can come in handy some other time. We also learned that.. well we knew that ping pong is fun! Many people who are looking for a great time to interact with others will benefit from this project.
What are your next steps in this project? Our next step is to have a ping pong match in the classroom! We are also planning on taking the ping pong table home, and since it’s quite heavy we’ll have one of our parents pick it up in their pickup truck and take it home.


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