Yay for Spanish! In this class I am only allowed to speak and write in Spanish. The reason for this, is so us students can learn the language better. We’re not going to get better at Spanish by speaking English! You’d think that the only thing we learn is grammar but that’s actually incorrect because, in Spanish we also learn more about the culture around the world. We learn about personal and public identities, families and communities, contemporary life, science and technology, global challenges, and beauty and aesthetics. In Spanish we’ve compared and contrasted holidays, community exhibits, etc. from Mexico to the U.S. After we found similarities and differences, each student individually needed to write about them and make a call that could be no longer than 2 minutes. This has helped me work on both my Spanish-speaking skills and on comparing and contrasting different cultures. We’ve worked in groups and individually to create PowerPoint presentations, and again this helped us prepare something in Spanish and we builded up our vocabulary and knowledge on speaking.
In conclusion, this class has helped me with my grammar, vocabulary, as well as knowledge on culture.


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