Artist At Work!

Let me start by saying that I love art class! When I was in sixth grade, I started out not being able to draw for my life. I was ashamed to show others my art drawings because I thought mine were nothing compared to theirs. One day I realized that I wasn’t going to keep being ashamed of myself. I wanted to start off new and confident that I’d be able to draw as good or even better than everyone else. I started working hard and soon enough it payed off. In art class my teacher has us draw something that starts with a letter of the alphabet and I think this is what’s helped me grown as an artist. The summer of 7th grade going into 8th I had to do a project where we drew something for 30 days! Each day we drew the same thing or something new. Every day I would draw the same thing twice or something new. Looking back at the drawings from last summer and comparing them to those of now, it like, “wow!”. I am truly proud of myself and I will continue to grow. I will continue to be and artist at work!


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