A Social Studies Learner

Social Studies has helped me think more about my community. I’ve become more aware of things that are going on in our society and how to advocate for what I believe in. I believe that social studies is a class that reflects the past because, it’s a way for us students to compare and contrast history to the present. In Social studies we learn and become inspired by people who did great things, and we follow those steps to make the world a better place. Activities that we do in class such as discussions and writing DBQ Essays, have encouraged me to think about history and the world from new perspectives. During discussion time in class, I feel confident and safe sharing experiences and thoughts with my classmates about topics like slavery, racism, feminism, and war. Everyone is respectful of what someone has to say, and my teacher makes sure that all of her students feel respected and welcome to share their thoughts. Connections and thoughts thrive during discussion time because, we think about what our classmates have shared and then we generate questions or more thoughts about the topic we’re discussing. Writing DBQ Essays help me comprehend and reflect on what we’ve learned in class. It’s basically like the saying by Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Writing an essay on a topic helps us wrap up what we learned in a simple way. That’s what helped me grow as a learner of social studies.


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