A great mathematician

I’ve learned so much in Pre-Algebra that’s helped me become the student I am today. I’ve become a critical thinker, a creative problem solver, and a confident math student. In this class I challenged myself to come up with solutions and think outside the box when solving math problems. My math teacher has taught me techniques and creative paths that always lead me to the solution. I started the year off hating math. I didn’t understand it and I thought it was hard. Overtime, with organization, a notebook, clear explanations, practice, and help from my teacher, math became something wonderful. One thing I can’t live without in math class is, my math notebook. It is neatly organized in the table of contents and all throughout. My notebook is set up to follow the pattern of homework video notes, classwork, and exit tickets. This order has helped me keep on task at all times. Because of this routine I also do very well on quizzes and exams. I started off pretty shabby on quizzes/exams but then I improved. Math class allowed me to learn from my mistakes. After every quiz and exam, there were corrections I needed to do if I missed any questions. On the corrections you had to explain for every missed question, why you got the answer wrong, show the right way to do it, and explain how you’ll learn from your mistake. I am proud of myself to show my improvement in math, and I am proud of all the work and effort put into this class. I will continue this effort to succeed in and outside of class. I will be a great mathematician!



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