Mad Science!

This year, science class has been great. I’ve learned and reviewed The Metric System, The H-R Diagram, The life cycle of a Star, The Earth Systems, Topographic maps, Moons, Seasons, and Chemistry. The topic that I was most interested in while learning was Topographic maps, Moons, and Seasons. These topics were all in the same Unit. Looking at my interests, I might even be a weather reporter when I grow up! We took a field trip to Mt. Bonnell in West Austin to study geology, but sadly I couldn’t assist. Although I didn’t go, I think that going on field trips add to our understanding to science topics visually.   What I mean by visually is that we are able to experience and look at fossils, weather and erosion in real life. We will likely go on another field trip at the end of the year. In order for me to get the most out of it I will pay attention, ask questions, and participate in activities.

Below is a picture of Mt. Bonnell that I got from google:

Image result for mt. bonnell austin


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