Biomed is the Pathway for me!

Decision making is hard, especially when choosing a pathway that you’ll have for the rest of high school. You might like two options because you’re interested in a little bit of both but you can only choose one. I realized that choosing a pathway doesn’t have to be so stressful. You just really need to think about it, and trust yourself that whatever decision you make will be fine. It took me a while to decide between two pathways but, I finally chose Biomed.

I chose this pathway because I felt that it was just right for me. From a young age, science was my favorite subject in school. My favorite topic was learning about our bones, heart, how they functioned, what was healthy, what wasn’t, etc. The human body, just never seemed to bore me. I became interested in ways that I could help others who were hurt, or injured by inventing medicines or cures. I was inspired by movies, tv shows, and even books. A movie that I watched recently was Miracles From Heaven, and because of that movie my love and passion to become a doctor grew. I want to make a change in the world. I want to save many lives, and make this world a healthier place. The Biomed Pathway will help me prepare ….to do just that, by teaching me how to perform CPR, surgeries, pump blood, and much more. I know I’ve made the right decision but, I still want to know a bit more about my chosen pathway.

I want to learn the variety of jobs available in the Biomedical field. There is lots of ways I could help people besides working as a doctor, I imagine. I would like to know more about the opportunities we have to be able to perform lessons in real life, or to talk to actual professional doctors about their experiences. The Biomed pathway will be doing dissections and I would like to know more about the things we’ll be dissecting. I wonder if we’re going to make experiments where we’re going to have to create a cure for a patient’s disease. My curiosity is still a bit unsatisfied, but it will soon be full of answers.

The Biomed pathway will prepare me for when I go to college and study to be a doctor. I will live out the Ann Richards mission statement by learning how to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. I will soon learn what’s good for my body and what isn’t in more detail. Biomed will also help me solve problems creatively and ethically to help others in our community who encounter sickness or a disease.

In conclusion, choosing a pathway can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure you choose the right one. Biomed is just right for me, it is something that I enjoy and have fun with while learning. My chosen pathway will also help me grow into the doctor I want to be, and one day change the world.


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