A multi-genre story!

It all began with Dodgeball..

By: Natalia Castillo

      In a great city lived a great girl,  little did she know that one fun night will change her life forever, dear person reading this I give you Brooklyn’s love story..

“Friday 18, 2016   7:28pm

Dear Diary,

Today I’m going to Altitude to hang out with friends. I’ve gotten better at dodgeball and can’t wait to play it there. Altitude’s is a great jumping place, I had my party there for my 17th birthday not so long ago, and it’s pretty live. Going there will relieve my stress about prom. I’ve been thinking whether or not I should go, with whom, and what to wear. So overwhelming. Anyways, I got to go get ready, my friends will pick me up in about an hour. Later.

-Brooklyn “

      On the way to Altitude Brook and her friends talked about cute guys that might be there, and about how much they thought they improved on dodge ball. As they arrived and were about to walk in, some group of guys opened the door for them. Brooklyn noticed that one of the guys was her crush, Logan Johnson who attended school with her and her friends. Walking in Brooklyn was hit with the smell of sweat and rubber, the place was packed of kids jumping up and down, and from where Brook was standing she could see to her far left corner the soft plush balls being released with great speed from the hands of adolescents in the dodge ball court. Music was loud. Lights were dimmed. Disco lights were on. Wristbands were worn. Feet were ready to jump. The group of friends howled of excitement as they jumped to the dodge ball court.

      That night before they left, they made new friends, won 7 dodge ball games in a row, rock climbed a 40 ft rock wall, and sang karaoke. Ruth, Lucy, Maggie, and Brooke decided to go there the day after prom! Without a doubt they do go there after prom but this time w/ their dates. How did they get their dates? Who are they? You’ll find out by reading on..

“ Saturday 19, 2016 12:46am

Dear Diary,

you’re not going to believe how much fun I had tonight! It was amazing, let me tell you.. when Lucy, Ruth, Maggie, and I arrived at Altitude some guys opened the door for us and you’re not going to guess who was in that group of guys.. Logan freaking Johnson!! The best part is he smiled at me, and his teeth are so white he could be in a Crest commercial, and they’re pretty, and brighter than my future and just.. HOT!! I smiled back but, it was after Lucy interrupted the waterfall that was taking place in my mouth as I observed Logan’s handsome self. After that moment, the girls and I went inside to get on our wrist bands and headed to the dodge ball court from there. During the dodge ball game Logan and his friends joined in. Once they threw a ball they picked up, I saw how good they were at the game. I don’t know why but I moved sides, that way I could get extra practice and somewhat show off if I caught one of Logan’s or his friends’ balls. Maggie, and Ruth were confused in why I moved but then after a while they knew it was to go against Logan. Moving sides actually caused me to get hurt, because Logan’s friend Justin threw the ball really hard at me hitting the center of my stomach. Lucy immediately went up to Justin telling him to post up and gave him a whole lecture on what he just did and how to apologize to me. Lucy, ha ha I love her little butt. I felt as if all the air was taken away from me, and I couldn’t really breathe. The worst part is I felt like I put a face that somewhat looked as if my teeth and eyeballs were popping out! As I clenched my stomach I saw someone coming towards me, and then that person’s hand lifted up my chin, and as he looked into my eyes I knew that that person was Logan Johnson. He asked if I was ok and if I needed help. In my mind all I could think of was “NO. Obviously I am not ok, don’t ask me if I’m ok just help me you dumb.. hot.. you!”  But I just answered Logan with a “Yes I’m fine, thanks” while I was still clenching my stomach. Meanwhile Lucy discussed with Justin, Ruth and Maggie came up to me and took me out of the court leaving Logan behind. The girls and I went to sit down on the bench near the dodge ball court, it didn’t take long for Logan to come sit with us. We all talked for awhile and I made him smile! Then Justin came with Lucy and Justin apologized to me for hitting me in the stomach. The incident led to a large conversation about sports, and school. We all decided to play dodge ball again and Logan said the cutest thing.. he said,” Ok let’s go play dodge ball again guys but, I call dibs on being in Brooks team! After all she’s really good and she won’t get hit again cause I’ll be there.” Ughhh I know right? So adorable and nice of him! On the dodge ball court Lucy, Justin, Maggie, and Logan’s friend Eric were on one team, while Logan, Ruth, Logan’s friend Julian, and I were on another. My team won 7 games in a row and Maggie’s team won 4 games in a row. Logan was so happy and he hugged me! He said he was lucky to have me on his team! Right there and then I was screaming on the inside!! After the group of us -including Logan and his friends- got bored of dodge ball we separated. Logan wanted to go rock climbing and so did Justin, so they invited Lucy and I to go. I began to jump to a conclusion that Justin and Lucy were crushing on each other. Eric invited Ruth to sing karaoke. Personally I think they two make a cute couple, after all they’re both in choir, and they play soccer. Last but not least, Maggie and Julian headed to the maze section. On their way they both talked about art and music, according to Maggie. At the end we all met at the concession stand where Logan bought me my favorite flavored ice cream! Strawberry swirl. He’s so sweet. While eating ice cream him and I talked about coming to Altitude again, and about our favorite things. He asked for my snap chat, twitter, and Instagram. I gave him all of them except for twitter, since I didn’t have one. Then it was time to go and we said goodbye with a hug and he went with his friends and I went with mine. “See you around school Brook, I’ll text you soon.” was the last thing he said with a smile as he walked out the door. I hope he texts me soon. Hopefully.

  • Brook.”

Twitter :

Wolflogann_: Guys I think I’m in love with this one girl. I got to know her more than I what I already know about her, today. Apart from having a beautiful appearance, she has a golden heart. I’m really down for her and I hope she’s down for me.

  • 30 min ago

Wolflogann_: Prom is in a few weeks, should I ask her out? I think I will. From our conversation last night at Altitude I know she loves sunflowers…

  • 10 min ago

    At Hendrickson high school Brook sat under a tree reading a book. All of a sudden random people and friends give her a sunflower each. Lucy, Maggie, and Ruth give her one too.Sunflowers are Brooks favorite. A bunch of people start to crowd around Brook giving her tons of flowers until she can no longer hold them. Then her friends and random people make way for a boy who holds out a giant poster  that read: “ Brook you’re the SUN of my life, will you go to Prom with me so I’m not a wallFLOWER?” Behind that poster was Logan waiting for Brooks response. Brooke was speechless, first  of all because it was Logan asking HER out and secondly because he remembered that she loved sunflowers! 

Logan and Brook went to prom together. They danced and had so much fun! Maggie and Julian went together, Eric and Ruth, and Lucy and Justin. It’s weird how things happen unexpectedly. But things happen, and Brooks date all happened/started with dodge ball.


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